Another new Baddies track!

Two weeks ago, Baddies already released a new track on their Facebook page. Apparently, that wasn’t enough for the lads, they now also released a second brand spanking new track. It’s called ‘Test Yourself’ and you can listen to it by clicking, well, below!   And if you haven’t had the time to listen to ‘Tiger Face’, we made it easy for you.

I’m From Barcelona – Get In Line -Free Download

The Swedish band “I’m from Barcelona” is literally the biggest band in Sweden. They have been busy since 2005 recording albums and their newest album “Forever Today” is going to be released on the 23rd of March. The following single will be released via iTunes tomorrow but thanks to the band and our friends at RCRDLBL you can listen to it here at now! Listen to “Get In Line” here. Download the song “Get In Line” at RCRDLBL. I believe it is a nice warm way to end this weekend and be totally prepared for the week to come. For more information and music from this wonderful band, check out the I’m From Barcelona MySpace!

Late Xmas Gift – Le Kid – Mr. Brightside

It is 2011 already but Le Kid thought it was not to late to share a beautiful Christmas present. As if your old aunt forgot that she still had something hidden for you and just discovered it. We already announced the free download that was coming up when we published the interview with Le Kid last week (link) and luckily they finally released it! Our new favorites Le Kid, who are going to conquer the pop-universe in 2011, covered The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” in their own beautiful way and even the New York Post noticed this milestone, download this free piece of music on the Le Kid homepage. See this as a beautiful poppy start of your weekend!

Xmas gifts : Yeasayer

Yeasayer’s Odd Blood is one of our favorite albums of the years (which you will see later this week) and we are still enjoying the abum. But with Yeasayer’s decision to offer their recordings at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels of the 28th of October, we might have a little luxury problem. What to listen to know? Go to Yeasayer’s website (or via this link) and choose how much you want to offer for the live recordings. For the people who don’t have any money to spend, downloading it for free on the website is an option too!

Free Download : Iron & Wine

Oeh, good year resolution number 1: Buy Iron & Wine’s new album Kiss Each Other Clean on the 25th of January. If you go to Iron & Wine’s website, you will be able to download the new song Tree By The River for free! Isn’t that a nice start of your cold weekend!?

Free Download — Indian Summer – Wallpaper.

Sometimes it is just wonderful to have a nice relaxed song that almost brings you back into the summervibe, especially if it is getting darker and colder around you. I believe that “Indian Summer” by Wallpaper. (yes, including the dot!) is just one of those songs and since it is a dark and cold saturdaynight I am sharing this free download with you! Do you want to here this song? DOWNLOAD HERE for free with our friends at RCRDLBL. For more information about this band you can check out the Wallpaper. MySpace.